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We are here to serve and secure our clients in the cyberspace. Improving a company’s cybersecurity posture in this day and age is a must. But it does not have to be too complicated or too expensive.

“After several years of working with several companies and organizations both nationally and internationally on cybersecurity issues, I realized that many people think cybersecurity is either not crucial or entirely not important. This causes many companies to not invest in cybersecurity. This is the main reason I am contacted by companies almost always after a cyber attack has already occured. As I always say, prevention is better than cure. We want cybersecurity to fit every budget and every company of all sizes and industries.”

– CEO, Mohammad Alawadi

Cybersecurity Consulting

Consult with our team of experts who are not only good at their work, but passionate. We put in work and effort to truly enhance your company’s cybersecurity posture at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

Intelligence Reporting and Analysis

Our team of intelligence researchers and analysts are more than happy to help your company by collecting information, processing it, and finally analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence.

Security Assessments

Do you feel confident in your infrastructure? Do you think it will withstand any and all cyber attacks? Think again. We are here to help audit your infrastructure and point out any and all weaknesses. We will do so through penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, audits, and more. 

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