Defensive Security

“A stronger defense is an investment in peace.”

We are committed to truly enhancing your security in the cyberspace.

We will not run your website through an automated vulnerability assessment tool, produce the report, and consider the job done.

We will truly dissect your company’s cybersecurity posture and look for any and all weaknesses. External and internal, human and machine, simple and complicated. Only then, will we be satisfied with the report you will be given.

We have multiple services that we believe to be crucial for any and all companies looking to improve and enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is information that is obtained, processed, and analyzed to understand threat actors’ motives, targets, and attack behaviors. This information is highly valuable to companies looking to minimize future attacks and prevent them from occurring. Our team has immense access to both closed and open sources of information and companies can leverage our access to help protect themselves from active threat actors.

The first line of defense from cyber attacks is the employees themselves. We will train your employees and help them understand cybersecurity and its importance in this day and age. This will help your company greatly improve its cybersecurity posture as people are the weakest link and the strongest defense.

If an attack were to occur, and they have not been prevented for any reason, our team will send out a specialized person (or group) to do a complete forensic analysis of the infrastructure and help mitigate the cyber attack. This will help organizations find out what actually happened and how their network has been breached, whether the attack was external or the result of an internal threat, and minimize the impact of the cyber attack.

A  cyber security audit is an extensive review of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Audits help these organizations ensure that appropriate policies and procedures have been implemented and are working effectively. The goal of cybersecurity audits is to identify any vulnerabilities that could result in a data breach.

Brand reputation is the most important element for a successful company. Data breaches, public outcry, defamatory campaigns are all reasons huge companies and individuals fall. With proper reputation management and PR campaigns, we help you recover from the toughest campaigns online.

Work with us.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”