We envision a world where cyber attacks can be mitigated without the risk of any serious damage. Many cyber attacks ended up costing governments and corporations around the world hundreds of millions of dollars. We want a world where cyber attacks are not capable of causing this much damage. Help us achieve this goal by starting a career at ISG. Explore remote-friendly and highly flexible opportunities with our team. 

The Right Place for You

ISG is a team of experts passionate about the fields of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence. We have garnered a reputation for our many contributions in both fields in the past years. Now, we are looking for other motivated individuals to join our team so we can grow together. We are offering exclusive benefits, equity compensation, and more.

Careers at ISG

Open-Source Intelligence Analyst

Produce actionable OSINT reports for our clients and gain invaluable experience in this journey

All-Source Intelligence Analyst

Participate in the planning, collection, and implementation of all intelligence disciplines across the full spectrum of operations to produce unique reports

Red Team/Offensive Security

Join our red team and be a valuable addition by helping increase offensive security capabilities

Blue Team/Defensive Security

Help enhance our clients’ cybersecurity posture by being on the frontlines of defense

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Utilize a variety of sources of intelligence to prevent cyber attacks from occurring and help mitigate cyber attacks

Security Researcher & Exploit Developer

Identify and help investigate emerging exploits and vulnerabilities in modern software and platforms to help mitigate risks and attacks

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