The Security of the Cyberspace


Technology has improved greatly this century. Extraordinary inventions have invaded the space of technology ranging from ultra-realistic video games to powerful supercomputers. The cyberspace has greatly improved over the years, the invention of the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1988 was what started the craze of chatting over the internet [1]. However, new and emerging technologies promising its users complete satisfaction and instant messaging between them and friends and family all over the world presented peculiar threats and challenges [2]. These threats are now cyber security threats that will affect people in the cyberspace. The cyberspace can be said to be the place in which ideas are exchanged and people communicate through computer networks. In this paper, cyberspace security will be defined and the threats and challenges the cyberspace presents, how secure the internet “cloud” really is and the challenges smart cities might go through, and finally, Dubai’s strategy for combating attacks carried out in the cyberspace.

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Mohammad Alawadi

Mohammad Alawadi

CEO at ISG. Writing about cyber intelligence, cybersecurity, and social engineering. Specializing in cyber risk management, cyber intelligence, and all-source intelligence.

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